My take on Fashion and Looking Beautiful

Hey Friends,

A warm welcome πŸ™‚

I am your friend Debjani.Β One of the main purposes behind starting this blog truly was, to find some “me time” and of course help you connect and love the content I post here.

I am a freelance content writer by profession and I head a team of writers. Although I have the freedom to choose my own working hours there are times when I am frustrated due to errors, tired of finicky customers, demoralized after rejections and bored and lazy. So, to get me up and going, this blog plays a vital role. Reading or writing about fashion, beauty, skincare, glamour, makeup etc. makes me happy and helps me gain energy and vitality.

Fashion for me is subtle and sophisticated. I like to wear what suits me mostly! Of course I love to experiment and try out attires, styles and looks according to latest trends, but going overboard with anything is not my style.

The foremost take on fashion for me would be to look balanced, confident and not disproportionate or out of place. Just because that girl on the metro looked sexy with her crop top, does not mean you will look the same in one. That red lipstick your friend wore to the party the other night might not flatter your skin tone at all. Does that mean, since you are a few pounds heavier or a few shades darker, you cannot look sexy or inviting? Not at all, with the options available in clothing and makeup today, anyone can look their best. But before anything at all, you need to believe that you are beautiful in your own sweet way. You need not compare yourself with the other girls, be confident about your charming smile, about your kind heart and about your loving self, and you will discover how beautiful you actually are!


27 thoughts on “My take on Fashion and Looking Beautiful

  1. That’s the glamour of expressing thoughts! Great work! Looking forward to more of these contents from you!


  2. Hey Deb,

    Congrats! Glad to know you have started your own blog! I am interested in what you are going to cover (the topics) – so I will be taking a peek quite often.

    Yes, everyone needs some “me time” so good luck with this πŸ™‚



  3. Wonderfully written article. Eagerly waiting for more such articles in the coming future.
    Keep up the good work.


  4. Thanks for connecting me through linked. Its was nice know about you.

    Well written especially final para 😊. Keep up your good work.


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